Ecovela is a reusable, ecological and creative floating candle with which you can make as many candles as you can think of, with only water, oil, paper & love. With one single Ecovela, you can create candles again and again
Watch this short video and note down.

(english subtitles available)

1/ Pour water in a container

2/ Add1 cm of vegetal oil (sunflower, olive, etc.)

3/ Make a wick with absorbent paper: cut 1,5cm of paper and press it with uour fingers. Once you have your wick, insert it into the hole in the center of the Ecovela.

4/ Place the Ecovela mounted with its wick on the oil, wait until the wick is impregnated and light it up.

WARNING: Never cut or puncture the Ecovela. The Ecovela is designed to introduce the wick into the center hole and should not be manipulated by cutting or perforating it. Once used, you must remove the wick, wash the Ecovela with soap and water and dry it to ensure proper conservation. Ecovela® is not responsible for any misuse or mishandling of Ecovela.

In addition, Ecovela is...

Reusable: it does not break or burn, it's easy to clean and can be reused again and again

Creative: you can create a different candle each time you use it, using different containers and playing with water decoration

Ecological: wax-free & paraffins-free. It never uses up

Aromatic: can be scented by adding essential oils to the vegetable oil

Cheap: done with what you have at home - vegetable cooking oil, tap water and absorbent paper (toilet, kitchen, paper napkin ...) - and is infinitely reusable

Decorative: it allows you to decorate / light indoor / outdoor spaces with many different effects...

Simple: anyonw is capable of making a candle with Ecovela, including a child

Invisible: you cannot see it when in use

Floating: is a water candle, which prevents the container to be hot when the candle is lit

360 light and in 3 dimensions is translucent, so light the flame goes in all directions and can play with the decorative effect of water

Safe: its design prevents Ecovela from burning. Once the oil is consumed, the wick blows out with the water automatically

WARNING: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Children must always be accompanied by an adult when handling Ecovelas.