Ecovela is a family.
We are also all the people who walk with us and believe in us and without whom we could not exist.

In 2012, we start the adventure with Ecovela around the values ​​of ecology, recycling, DIY, decoration and well-being. Because we believe that we can live combining an activity that is consistent with the values ​​of respect for the environment, for nature, for the joy of sharing and creating.

We manufacture and sell an ingenious gadget that lets you enjoy candlelight with minimal expense in exchange for unmatched performance and creativity.

We are committed to the reuse of materials, the creativity of people and against planned obsolescence. We like simplicity, magic, improvisation, learning. We like to have the right to make mistakes in order to learn something new.

Ecovela is 100% designed and made in Barcelona (Spain)

We are in the area of ​​Garraf, province of Barcelona (Spain), and we are on the Internet, social networks, and fairs and salons throughout the country.
If you want more information about us or about Ecovela, write to us by clicking here or email us at We will be happy to assist you :)

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” - Albert Einsten.

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